Friday, January 23, 2009

The Poet Laureate of the D.O.C.

Okay, so the title is technically incorrect because the D.O.C. does not, unless policies have changed and I'm not aware of it, appoint a poet laureate but I'm excited, so sue me. (Anyone who knows me knows that this is a pointless venture because you can't get blood out of a turnip) For anyone who enjoys poetry even in the slightest, I implore you to click your way over to Amazon and look up the just-published book titled Origami Heart, by Erin George. Incarcerated, Erin also happens to be a gifted poet, whose writing is ghostly, disturbing, sorrowful, but also amusing at times. A self-discribed 'dorky white woman' Erin has been forced to adapt to the world of electronic gates and bulletproof glass that will be HER world until death comes to find her. Such constraints fall away within her writing, however, and leaves behind only a mother who has lost her children, a daughter taken from her mother, a wife left a widow.
If you have concerns about a 'criminal' profiting from book sales, never fear, Erin, nor anyone in her family will get a penny. All proceeds will go to support a writing program for inmates throughout the D.O.C. Just check the book out.