Thursday, January 21, 2010

Because This Sort of Thing is Just so Fun...

I was perusing the blogs I follow (because I couldn't possibly do something useful like work on a WIP or, perish the thought, go to bed, since I have to get up at six) and ran across this over at Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf and I couldn't help myself. She passed it on to all her followers so now I'm giving it a go!

Here are the rules:

The rules are pretty simple. Answer the following questions with Single Word answers (HA! Let's see if I can actually do this.) then pass this along to 5 other bloggers. Make sure you let them know about it though.

Your Cell Phone? iPhone

Your Hair? Braided

Your Mother? Spamtastic

Your Father? Love

Your Favorite Food? Cheese

Your Dream Last Night? Realistic

Your Favorite Drink? Water

Your Dream/Goal? Published

What Room Are You In? Den

Your Hobby? Horses

Your Fear? Fire

Where Do You Want To Be In Six Years? Published

Where Were You Last Night? Home

Something That You Aren't? Inefficient

Muffins? banana

Wish List Item? Agent!

Where Did You Grow Up? VA

Last Thing You Did? Write

What Are You Wearing? Jammies

Your TV? Left

Your Pets? Nineteen

Friends? Awesome

Your Life? Mine

Your Mood? Serene

Missing Someone? No

Vehicle? Truck

Something You Aren't Wearing? Makeup

Your Favorite Store? Art

Your Favorite Color? Black

When Was The Last Time You Laughed? Dinner

Last Time You Cried? Unknown

Your Best Friend? Soulmate

One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? Library

Facebook? Yes

Favorite Place To Eat? Kitchen

I tag: Anyone who follows or visits my Blog!!! Go to it ya'll! :D