Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Into the Sunset...

So, I've been lax about posting. Not because I haven't wanted to, but because life has been very busy and somewhat stressful recently, and posting on the blog was one of the things that fell by the wayside.

But there have been good things in amidst the craziness and stress.

I've got two manuscripts with editors. This is both exciting (they might like it!) and terrifying (they might like it!) for me, but I don't expect to hear back for some time, so I can pretend like the manuscripts haven't gone anywhere.

We now have another donkey. She's even smaller than JD was, and is somewhat of a rescue case, as the people who had her loved her, but had neglected to get her feet properly trimmed in over a year. Those of you who know about horses can imagine the 'elf slippers' she had, those who don't know what this looks like will be shocked when I post photos. The donkey has been dubbed Francesca, Fran for short. My niece Walelu is already enamored of her. Her feet were trimmed today, and though we're cautious because of the possible complications involved with such foot neglect, we're optimistic that Fran will be just fine.

And, finally, I'M ABOUT TO GO ON VACATION!!! Yes, that deserved all caps. It really did.

This Sat. I will fly out to Colorado, where dear friends will then haul me through multiple states in a camping, ranching, hiking extravaganza of fun, which will also involve Yellowstone National Park, among other adventures. TWO WEEKS of supreme escapism. I will, of course, be dragging my notebook along to write by campfire-light and in case of rainy days. I'll also have my phone, which sadly seems to be waning (I'm hanging on for the new i-phone 5) and my computer. But I imagine that both the phone and computer will be shoved under a car seat somewhere, mostly forgotten.

So if I'm not around, it's because I've hiked off into the sunset, searching for places other people haven't found. I'll find my way home eventually, not to worry. But I'll enjoy being missing while I'm gone.