Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Character Party is Here!!!

Okay, so I'm a little late in posting this... but better late than never. Over at the fabulous Ms. Hanna's blog, she's hosting a meet and greet character party. By all means, go meet and greet! There's quite and interesting batch of folks... some of them not even human... and you're sure to make new friends! Feel free to leave comments and whatnot for the attendees, let them know how you feel about them!

And on a different note... but a much beaten dead horse... stay cool people, if like me you're still residing on the East Coast's variation of Crematoria... minus the lovely Vin Diesel...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Character Party!

So this terribly cool cat I follow, Ms. Hanna C. Howard, is hosting an awesome event known as a Character Party, wherein you, and your MC are invited to get down with other writers and their MCs. It sounds like a great chance to meet people and be exposed to their work, as well as getting your own work out there for others to get interested in. I've already sent in my character stats... I actually sent in three characters, but they might not all attend, depending on what the response is like for the party.

And for anyone who read the last post I wrote... yes I'm still on Crematoria... and no, Vin Diesel has not shown up to save me yet... I'm still holding out hope though... :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Heat Wave...

So I'm down here in the Old Dominion roasting my stones off and I can't help but ask why we have to get all of our heat for the year in one friggin splat of hellacious time? Can't we have it all summer long? Lower temps for longer? Throw me a bone here! I mean, really? I've been joking (only it's not funny at all) that we've been transported to Crematoria... only there's no lovely Vin Diesel to swing us off the planet to safety. Instead, we're stuck here, dryer than a popcorn fart (as my grandma would say) and boiling in our own skins. Speaking of boiling, we were out at the pool yesterday (I'm housesitting again) and my sis's hubby Chucky Duck threw water on the cement to make a walkway from the pool to the gazebo and it boiled right in front of our eyes. It BOILED. I'm not joking.

My writing has been a lot like this infernal heat wave (roll your eyes, if I'm stuck with theses temps I'm going to make as many bad puns about them as possible) recently. I went from dithering around with the last chapters of AGMG to finishing that MS, going back and reworking several older MSs and getting a request for a full of EVERNOW.... all in the same five days... Talk about head-spinning... But it's been sort of lovely at the same time. Here's where you might think I'm going to work in some remark about the heat wave having its good points too, but you're wrong. The heat sucks. Period. But the writing related glut of stuff going on most assuredly does not suck in the slightest! On the contrary, that has been awesome! I guess the only thing the two have in common is that I had no control or choice in them. You just can't control things sometimes. You can prepare and do your best to set things up, but you can't make it rain. You can't snap your fingers and call up a cool breeze. Okay, unless you're Storm... and I'd never look right in one of those pleather X-suit things anyhow, so we won't go there...

Point being is that sometimes you get swamped with good and bad things and you can't do anything but endure them one way or another. In my case, the misery of our Crematoria weather has been somewhat displaced by the joy of my writing successes (I count requests for fulls as successes even if they end in kaput) and who knows, maybe the weather will break and I'll immediately get a few rejections. You just can't tell sometimes. But you keep doing what you're doing and eventually the rains will come, the winds will blow and someone will like what you're writing. In the words of Evernow herself, 'Nothing, good or bad, lasts forever, so enjoy each moment you're living in.'

Now, I'm off to fry some eggs on the sidewalk while I water the plants by simply standing over them and sweating...