Friday, April 1, 2011

I Just Realized that Blogger Ate Me...

Okay this will seem like a random post, but I just realized that blogger ate my original post on the matter. I'm participating in the Epic Follower Blogfest over at Shelley Watters and I was supposed to advertise. I did. And then Blogger ate it. And because I've been embroiled in high drama I didn't realize what had happened until now. You can thank Christi that I'm even in the constest/blogfest. She reminded me about it. *face/palm* anyway, I'm putting up an advertising post after the fact to prove that I did it. So there Blogger!

Epic Follower Blogfest!

Okay, here's the deal. I'm part of the Epic Follower Blogfest which is being held by Shelley Watters over at her blog. You can check out the deeds here. So very cool, and with a GREAT prize. Plus you get to cruise around and read everyone's pitches. So very cool. Anyway, I've struggled with my pitch line almost as much as I've struggled with my synopsis... and I don't know how this will even rate. Feel free to give me your opinion on the matter!

Here's mine:

Genre: YA Dystopian
Word Count: 83,200

For 19 yr. old Evernow, surviving a cataclysm turned out to be simple. Falling in love with one of the Fey folk who caused it, not so much.

Thanks and good luck to everyone!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Onward With Life...

Okay, so the work drama has subsided. Mostly it was gossip and conflicting 'stuff' the likes of which you get when you have the sort of job I do. And as my grandmother always said, 'You can lock against a thief but you can't do anything with a liar' so part of the upset just had to be sorted by the big wigs simply going to the source and asking for the facts. Thankfully, the truth is still worth something in a few places. That's all I'm putting up for now, I've got a date with a WIP... one in which I've abandoned my MC to a kelpie... so she'll be pissed off for sure if I don't get back to her soon...