Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Got the Crazies?

Again, time has slipped away and it's been far too long since I posted anything. I've been dodging through life like a frog on a six lane highway (remember 'Frogger'?) and I've almost forgotten how to type at all. But before my mind completely escapes its home within my little sunburned cranium, let me just take a moment to rant about the Lateiner Gang Book Review spot and their currently running contest. Up for grabs is a SIGNED copy of 'Alvor' by Laura Bingham. That's right, a SIGNED copy! I know, I'm ridiculously excited. But what can I say? I love books, and I love books signed by their authors. Especially when the it's a debut book! Anyway, follow this link and enter yourself! Mention me and I get points. Get your friends to mention you and YOU get points! Spread the word and have fun with it!