Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shelley Watters First Page Contest!

Here we go! Time to post your entries for critiquing! Here's mine:

Title: Thornbriar
Genre: YA Fantasy Retelling
Word Count: 75,000

The first arrow nearly killed Beauty. If she had not had the good luck to trip over her injured coachman at just that moment, it would have pierced her breast. Instead, the black shaft of the arrow passed through her ruby curls as she staggered sideways. The coachman cried out when she trampled his broken leg in an attempt to regain her balance. Beauty ignored him, turning to look in the direction from whence the arrow had come.

She could see the archer then, facing her, a second arrow aimed at her heart.

Although he stood what seemed a great distance away, his features were inexplicably defined. It was as if some magic brought clarity to what ought to have been impossible to see. His long hair danced in a breeze that touched nothing else, the silver-blond strands sparkling in the few patches of sunlight that broke through the canopy of trees. His ivory skin glowed luminously, eyes solid black. He seemed a spirit, rather than a mortal man.

“Lady Beauty!” The downed coachman pulled on the skirts of her gown, breaking her trance.

Beauty heard the hiss of air and swirled, throwing herself to the ground. Three arrows whistled, following her motion with astonishing speed. All missed their mark by only fractions.

When her coachman pushed himself onto one elbow to shield her, she caught sight of the archer, again with an arrow directed her way. He held this one though, his unearthly face contorted in rage.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Contest Over at Shelley Watters!

Alright, quick post to spread the word about this amazing first page contest (which I nearly missed in all the prednisone/poison ivy/week from the abyss drama) that's being held over at Shelley Watter's. The deets are all listed but I hope to see ya'll over there! I'll post again tomorrow. This is supposed to be my stay at home in my PJs and write all day long weekend. We'll see how that goes...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm Here... I Swear I Am...

I'm still alive, still checking out others' blogs, still writing. It's been a very crazy few weeks. I will hopefully get a post or two up soon. Hopefully... O.o* whoa life is moving fast...