Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's Alive!!! Mooohoohaahaa!

Yes, I'm still around. No, I haven't been in a coma for months. No, my fingers haven't been lost to frostbite, or underfed ferrets, or splunks from under the bed. I simply haven't bothered to stop and check in with the rest of the world for a while. This isn't because I haven't been thinking about the rest of the world. It's because I've been stuck in the spinning of life, like a child on the carousel, watching the brass ring fly passed, watching the blur of faces which exist just on the other side of the vortex, but can't be reached by anyone riding a beautifully sculpted horse or animal WITHIN the vortex. Despite the discomfort, I held onto my horse, for fear that if I let go, I might well get thrown out as if tossed from a sling shot right into the rest of the world. Where I would be woefully unprepared to survive. But now my carousel has slowed down, marginally anyway, enough that I could hop off and learn a couple of things.
1) About a great place to go for reviews and info on books in general, giveaways and interviews with folks of interest to anyone with interest in books.
2) How to put up a link to the above mentioned place!

Righteous me! Okay, okay, I'm aware that anyone who's anyone can manage a link. But I'm not 'anyone', I'm me, and I can still stump my broby in-law with my computer fiascos and he's an IT guy at Bridgewater college. Yup, I can destroy any scrap of technology you can come up with. But I digress. Check out the Lateiner Gang. Great people, awesome, informative reviews and interviews. They're still building and tweaking the site and it's only going to get better. So drop in and have a look-see, post a link, tell your friends.

This is a test...

This is a test, this is only a test. If it were real, it would have worked. Which it might, in the end...