Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Long Ago Gone

It's been far too long since I wrote a blog post. Every time I write one, I feel as though I swear I'm going to 'get back into the swing of things' and start writing posts on a regular basis. But now some folks are saying that blogs are dead anyway, so I don't know that it matters much. So I guess I'll just try to write now and then.

*I will be participating in a blog tour about the writing process in March, so there's that. And I'll be throwing my hat into the ring for Pitch Madness (which you can read about here) with a newer project, Ravina of the Twains, a YA fantasy.

Otherwise, however, I suspect it'll be hit or miss with my blogging.

I've just been distracted by other things, things like writing, and family, and getting more exercise which is something I've missed dearly since leaving the farm.

And most recently, I've been distracted by memories. Specifically memories pertaining to the black pony mare, Di, whom I lost last March 1st-2nd. I still miss her so very much, and keep finding little ways to keep her memory close.

With the anniversary of her death just having come and gone, it's left me aching, mostly in the ways that tend to spill out onto paper. I wrote so many little fanciful poems about her when she was alive, I haven't written a single one since she died. Then in the wee hours Saturday night - the time last year when I was standing in the darkness with her while Death slowly pried the two of us apart - verses started wheedling their way into my mind. I wrote them down, but it's taken me a couple of days to get it together enough to be able to post them without blubbering. Here they are.

In the dark of the night All Hallows' Eve
When across the earth, all spirits weave

I seek out but one through all of the throng
Her form most plain, her ears too long

Eyes shifting brown like liquified earth
 Stout little legs but most impressive in girth

Little black mare so skittish and wild
Under my hand your temper turned mild

Down through the wood and up in the vale
On the seas of the wind together we'd sail

In the dark of the night, we waited alone
As Death crept close to take you back home

He rested his hand upon my cold brow
Forgiveness to beg for the loss I bear now

Then off you did go, with gentle Lord Death
Left me standing alone still struggling for breath

Onward I've trudged through time never-ending
Afoot now I am, no black pony needs tending

In the dark of the night All Hallows' Eve
When across the earth, all spirits weave

I seek out but one through all of the throng
A cherished black pony, so long ago gone.