Monday, May 18, 2009

My zombie heart...

These are the sort of people I spent Saturday night with. The Zombie sort. My mother teased me as I was getting ready to leave. "Getting ready to spend some time with 'those people' again are you?" She laughed. It was said tongue and cheek, of course. She knows exactly what kind of people the 'those people' she was talking about are. Good people. Kind and generous people who are gracious to their fans and are willing to take time to TALK to you. People who wear their success with a casual and unassuming grace.

Andy Deane (posing zombie with me) is the lead singer of Bella Morte, a goth/industrial sort of band which has traveled all over the world and put out numerous albums. I met Andy before I knew about the band, in the art store where he still works when he's in town. He's also the author of a book called The Sticks which I've just started reading but I already know is going to be a great. It's available on Amazon. Andy is a guy who goes out and does it if he wants to do it. He's also a guy who'll spend 45 minutes trying to help you work out an art supply problem. Or, in my case, a guy who will stand there cutting paper to size while telling me everything he can about his experience getting published. Since he already has a huge following with Bella Morte, he was a sound investment and publishers were happy to chance his writing success. I, on the other hand, am nobody important (yet). But Andy still took the time to talk to me and give me what pointers he could.

The cherry young lady is Donna Lynch. She, along with her husband Steven Archer, are part of Ego Likeness, another goth/industrial group. They also both happen to write. Donna has several books out, including Isabel Burning, and Ladies and Other Vicious Creatures. The former is a novel, the latter a book of poetry. Don't be swayed by Steven's fierce countenance, he's written at least one book I'm aware of, a lovely children's book called Luna Maris. Their books are available from Donna and I had never met before Saturday, but she was happy to stand and talk to me at length about her writing experiences and what might or might not help me.

Where am I going with all this? Well, I'm going to hearts people. Writing is all about heart. For most of us, it IS our heart. And if your writing comes from your heart, then it doesn't much what the rest of you looks like. Not every successful writer is nice, outgoing, and personable about their successes, willing to talk to those who haven't succeeded yet. That's okay. Being nice isn't a requirement for life, or writing. But the world is a better place because of the people who have gone before, who have succeeded, and who remember what it's like to stand in the shadows waiting for their chance to shine. People whose writing comes from their heart. The people I spent Saturday night with, are people I would choose to spend any day of the week with. They're people many folks would cross the street to avoid, just because of their appearances. They're zombie people, late night strobe light people, eyeliner tattooed people. They're people with heart. People who want to see others succeed as they have succeeded. People who have won my own zombie heart. People that I'll still be thinking about 30 years from now, whether or not I'm ever successfully published.

Check out the books I've mentioned, seek out your inner Zombie. You might be bettered by the experience!


  1. I will definitely be checking these books out. It is always awesome to be able to talk to a down to earth person who has succeded as we would like to. Among my many projects I am also working on a "dark" kids series that my uncle the tattoo artist is supposed to be illustrating for me. (I am a huge fan of Gris Grimly!) So, I totally know "those kinds of people" and how we all get treated because of our outsides. But it's the insides that matter! Too bad the general public chooses not to agree. I will say that Asheville is pretty accepting because there is such a mish mash of all kinds of folks here. That's one of the reasons I love it here. But growing up in the bible belt can sure show you a lot about the kinds of people who say "those people". I've been fortunate in that my immediate family are all pretty much the kind of people other people stare at or question (except for Nana, of course, and she loves us no matter what we look like). "Didn't that hurt?" If I had a nickel for everytime I got asked that!

  2. That is really cool that they took the time to talk to you. I feel like an attempted career in writing is full of rejection so anytime someone is willing to give anything positive, it is definitely a great thing.
    I'll have to check out the books and the bands. I love the name 'Bella Morte'!

  3. I am also a writer trying to get published. I wish I could have had the experience you had with this band! They seem like really nice people! I am always so appreciative of anyone who can give advice, as I am sure you are! You are right, too, writing is all about heart, no matter what you look like!

  4. good point. there's the karma thing too, i think. i just heard about a writer who totally gathered in a newbie to mentor because someone had done that to her... it's nice to know there are people out there who will nurture and mentor those of us who are unpublished :) i think it's also important to always be humble enough to recognize help when we see it -- and to recognize that we may need it

  5. Nice post. Too many people judge people by their covers never mind books!

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