Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yeah... a few random thoughts...

So it's been how long since I posted anything? Nevermind, let's not dwell on the past... In truth, I haven't been doing anything worth posting about. Work sleep, write a word, maybe two, work, try to sleep, work, never go to bed and still get nothing accomplished, work, doze on the tractor... you get the picture.
Of course, I can't complain TOO much. Everybody, human and animal is healthy. I DO still have a job. I never go anywhere, so my exposure to possible swine flu is 0%. Nope, not much to complain about. But not much to post about either. I have managed to start several new stories, which may or may not ever grow to more than sketchy little drafts, but they're something I've never gotten into before, so I'll learn from them in the end.
Both were inspired by a mixture of books I've read and movies I've seen recently, the primary of which were The Hunger Games (book, LOVE IT) The Adoration of Jenna Fox (book liked it a great deal) The White Darkness (book liked it) and the movies Babylon AD and Children of Men, both of which were books to start with. All of them (although The White Darkness has nothing to do with such things) got me to thinking about post-apocalyptic settings. Our current economic and politcal situations don't help matters. But I'm not thinking in morbid blood-letting ways, just postulating on some of the factors that might well become truths, were some sort of apocalyptic even to occur. But really, wouldn't it be possible to come to a post-apocalyptic state even WITHOUT some sort of world-ending war or catastrophe? It makes you contemplate, doesn't it? Anyway, that's the sort of thing that's been teasing my brain and taking up my time and energy and yet leaving me with not much to blog about, and at the same time a whole bunch to be grateful for...


  1. I wondered if you'd suddenly becomed agented (is that even a word?) and moved on to bigger and better things. -sigh- Wouldnt that be lovely? Interesting that you bring up post-apocolyptic worlds. I've had some of that going on in my brain lately as well. Maybe from The Hunger Games (which I also loved!) and other stuff I've read and watched in the not so distant past. I've recently started on some new ideas and have those little guys churning in the pot. One of which happens to be post-apocolyptic-ish. (also not a word...) But it's also urban fantasy-ish too. (damn I am on a roll!) Not that I need to be starting anything else new right now. I have yet to finish my first which has officially been ongoing for a year now. And then there's the second one that I started on a few weeks ago...
    How's the little horsey?
    I totally thought my husband had the swine flu the other day. He works at a big plant nursery and there are a lot of Hispanic people that work in the greenhouses and are all the time going back and forth from here to Mexico. I teased him about getting it. Then, on Friday he started to get sick. Saturday and Sunday he got worse. By Monday he was so sick he couldnt go to work. I just knew I'd cursed him. Of course, that meant I was next. But he was feeling better on Tuesday and today is almost healed. Whew! Narrow escape. Haha.

  2. Little Roja is doing just fine! Full of piss and vinegar as my grandmother would say. Unlike Roja, we girls at the farm have been toying with the idea of trying swine flu on for a fit. We've decided to stick with allergies and strep throat, but we've had fun teasing each other. Luckily, most of us are not much on partying and don't go out a great deal, so possible exposure is very low...

  3. Too funny. My nana also says "full of piss and vinegar". She's from Maine originally and so when she says vinegar she leaves off the r. It's cute! Glad he is well.