Saturday, January 9, 2010

When Life Gives You Lemons...You Make Lemon Sours and Party Like It's 1999...

So I haven't gotten back on the computer and written any posts about New Years like I planned to. I haven't done much of anything I planned so far this brand new year. What HAVE I done? Just about everything else.

Let me see...

I'm in a fight with my insurance company who wants to put me at a higher premium because I now have a screw in my left wrist... the problem is that that injury is covered by Workers Comp and I've received lifetime benefits... which means that my private insurance will never be billed... but they want to charge me more anyway, even though it'll never cost them...

We have the truck in the shop undergoing CPR and have no idea if it's going to survive, and if so when we might get it back... which means either mooching a truck to haul hay or getting one bale at a time in the back seat of the Beamer...

The woman who owns the estate where I work (don't get me wrong I'm grateful to have the job) has decided to remind us that SHE'S the one with millions who gets what she wants... which means walking nine horses a little more than a mile to another barn that's as cold as a witch's tit just because that's where the boss lady wants them... (did I mention that one of those horses has a torn tendon? Which means she stays behind, and we get to drive back and forth for one lonely pony)

I bought a load of timothy hay... from a GREAT guy... at a great price... but it still took everything I'd saved... and now I don't have a truck to haul it home...

I survived until last Friday only to walk out to my barn and find an east coast version of Old Faithful... the water faucet had ruptured... so after ferrying the horses into the paddock on flat bottom boats, I've been hand-hauling water from the house all the way out to the barn...

And I'm sick, at least sick in that annoying sense that you're nearly dead for a few hours and then feel a little better, then take a nap and wake up worse, then better... ugh

But as Robert Frost (one of my favs) said: The best way out is always through. There comes a time when turning back isn't any better than pushing forward. Embrace the chaos and stop trying to control it. Enjoy the ride even if you're not headed quite where you want to go. You'll learn something along the way and by the time you get there, maybe you won't want to go where you intended to in the beginning anyway. Maybe you will. Either way you'll have a few good stories of conquering trials to tell your grandkids around the fire. And you'll have made it through. You'll have put your own spin on the lemons life gave you...

I WILL get around to posting something about New Years... and about writing... but for now it is what it is... and that's fine by me...


  1. Jeez, this cold (both the virus and the weather) is just killing everyone.

  2. I hope things turn around for you and the horses!

  3. Whoa, your life sounds crazy right now. I hope things turn around, and I'm impressed by your positive "embrace the chaos" attitude.

  4. "The best way out is always through" is so true and a terrific reminder that there are no short cuts.

  5. A. Grey-- I would love to do a journey toward publication interview with you for my blog. Please e-mail me if you are interested!

  6. (Maybe this will cheer you up???)

    You've received the "Happy" award. Check out "I'd Like to Thank the Happy Academy" at =)

  7. Embrace the chaos!!! Love it. Maybe the saying should be, "when life gives you lemons, make limoncello!"