Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm Feeling a Little Monstrous Today...

So on many fronts, I can't complain about life... and that should put me in a good mood... but it's not. Sometimes it's just all about one thing working for you, and if that one thing doesn't, it throws everything else out of whack and you're reduced to some sort of primordial, ageless monster who can't help their own actions. But that's not always that bad a thing... I mean, I'm kinda partial to monsters that have temper tantrums... So in honor of hissy fits over trifles, and embracing that monstrous part of you, I've thrown up a few pictures from my favorite movie of all time (yes, really, all time) No Such Thing, starring a host of fantabulous actors and actresses.

I'm usually all about the monsters, but at the moment, I can't convinced mine to kick back and take it easy. And it's kind of hard to get things done with your monster(s) running around distracting you and trying to convince you that it's all for not. I mean, monsters can be monstrous, while being unobtrusive at the same time. But at the moment my monsters are making quite a nuisance of themselves. I wish they'd take a lesson from Robert John Burke...


  1. I've never seen this movie. I'm sorry you're feeling down, hope the day gets better!

  2. Wow - I so have to check out that movie.

    I think I channel the monster into anger music, that becomes power music, that then makes my friends ask, "What's up with Reba McEntire's 'Fancy'?"