Monday, August 16, 2010

Lettuce Write Contest!

So I'm cruising around the blog world feeling rather useless since I still can't hold a pen yet and what do I find? A contest. But not just ANY contest... I found the Lettuce Write Contest over at Coming Down the Mountain, where the lovely KarenG spreads her wealth of knowledge and support to writers everywhere. Obviously, I have been missing out on her fabulous blog... but that oversight has now been rectified.

So I'm totally stoked about submitting the first three chapters of AGMG to the contest! It's the perfect timing for me as it'll make me feel as though I'm getting something 'out there' while I continue to tweak random older manuscripts, pine for my pen and obsessively check my email for 'no response' (still considering!) or 'yay' (offer to rep!) emails... yeah, I know there's a third sort of email that might be lying-in-wait in my inbox one morning... but we won't speak of that sort...

Anyway, check Ms. KarenG and her fabulous blog out and get your first three chapters ready to submit! You only have until August 21 to get them perfected!