Saturday, January 22, 2011

Love me some lists...

New anime love: check (Trinity Blood)
Manuscript out to prospective agent: check
Mass stockpile of chocolate for much feared rejection: check
Trinity Blood light novels ordered: check
Trinity Blood mangas ordered: check
Cat on my legs: check
Ink in my pen: check
WIP: check (so into it and loving it)
Anemic blog post: check

Now doesn't that seem like a lot's been done? And that's why I love me some lists... :D


  1. I am afraid of lists ... they are very overwhelming to me. Maybe I should make a list of what I've finished at the end of each day and transition that way ;)

  2. Change this: Mass stockpile of chocolate for much feared rejection: check

    To this: Mass stockpile of chocolate for anticipated celebration: check

    maybe think positive and see what happens? just a thought :) good luck!

  3. Champagne chilled in the fridge when the agent offers you representation? Check. You can celebrate with the chocolate too.

  4. I love lists too (but mine are typically full of less exciting things like laundry and grocery items). That's so awesome that you have a manuscript out!!! Best of luck on the response, and I'm so glad that you're totally into a new WIP too :)

  5. Thanks for the support guys! I guess I sound like a total downer sometimes, but I flippety-flop between 'prepare for triumph!' and 'batten down the hatches for disaster!' and it seem like that invariably whichever I settle on, the opposite occurs.