Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hope, Inspiration and Determination, All Slathered in Awesomesauce...

Sounds like a feast right? You betcha! And I'm going to invite you to dinner! Here's all you have to do to get the meal of your life, AND have the chance to bestow your own hopes, inspirations, and modes of determination upon a fellow writer: Show up over at Christi Corbett's blog and join the party with a VERY special guest host! I know, I know, ya'll are probably wondering what sort of awesomesauce contains enough yum factor to drag the hermit out of her writing coma... I HAVE been a bit remiss recently... but I digress... What makes this guest host so darn special is that she's just like the rest of us! She writes, she hopes, she's inspired by the world around her, she surmounts challenges and charges forth into the crazy mess that is the amazing wonderment of writing... oh yeah, and she's ELEVEN! That's 11! As in, a decade plus one! I'm pretty sure I have bras that have surpassed such a ripe old age...

I, myself, was somewhat of a late bloomer in comparison to this singular unfurling flower... at her age, I barely knew I was female and thought that I actually could marry a horse... I still crawled into hollow trees looking for a doorway into Faerie, and fully expected for a nykur or nuggle to appear from the waters of any nearby lake or pool... wait a minute, I STILL climb into hollow trees and tread cautiously around still water... But my point, is that to be so focused and driven as to spin written tales and have the bravery to share them with others when you're so young is an amazing and glorious thing. So please, even if you only have five minutes to spare, find your way over to Christi's blog. Read. Enjoy. Support. And leave inspired. Your day will be better, I guarantee *said in that sexy southern drawl of Gambit's* But SERIOUSLY. DO IT.

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  1. Thanks so much for supporting this young lady!

    Christi Corbett