Monday, April 4, 2011

Coming and Going...

I'm going to be a little sporadic this week. Hopefully I'll get some sort of post up besides this one, but I make no promises. See, my stepgrandfather died unexpectedly on Friday, April 1. Only in my family can someone manage to drop dead and have everyone asking if they're really dead or if it's an April Fool's joke... only in my family of funeral director-types would anyone even expect that sort of April Fool's joke. Alas, it wasn't a joke, and now we're dealing with the aftermath of such things. Although this is a sad thing - he was a 'step' grandfather, but my birth grandfather died before I was born, and this man married my grandmother when I was only eight, so he's the only grandfather I've ever known on that side of the family - there will be funny stories to follow, I assure you.

I'll hint at them by saying thus far these topics have already been discussed:

The name of my grandfather's father... no one seems to remember it (?? we're leaning toward Lars, for no particular reason)

His sister's full name, no one seems sure of it, or how to list it in the obituary (again ??)

How we can somehow sneak his beloved dog's ashes into his urn, so they're interred together (something he's talked about wanting for years, but there's the small detail that it's apparently illegal to inter an animal on consecrated ground...)

Yeah, I'm definitely going to have a few funny stories to go alongside the sadness.


  1. So sad to hear about his passing, but I love that you obviously have so many fond memories

  2. A,

    So sorry to hear about you and your family's loss of a great man.

    Christi Corbett

  3. So sorry for your loss. I have a 'step' grandfather too, who is really a real grandfather. In fact, we don't ever refer to him as 'step', but I do sometimes say that there isn't actual blood relation, since he (and that whole side of the family) is Jewish, and I am not. So, more of an explanation of why we hold different religions then how we are of different families. Because we're not. My 'step' mother on the other hand... clearly a 'step'.