Monday, August 29, 2011

This is a Test, This is Only a Test... Okay, Sike, it's Real...

Hey ya'll I'm still kicking! I know I owe you some explanations, and you'll get them... only you won't get them right now because today is my first day back at work from a week long vacation so I've got to, you know, work, and stuff. Oh, how was my vacation? Well, let us see...

I started things off with a trip to the Lady-parts doctor to get final diagnostics on some ongoing issues....

I discovered that my air conditioner had been draining into my bedroom for roughly two months, resulting in a flood so deep that once I'd cleared out multiple stacks of clothing, a desk, a full bookcase, and a box of antique quilts, there was still enough water to come up between my toes through the carpet...

While I was cleaning the mess from the aforementioned flood, we got hit by an earthquake...

Then hurricane Irene dropped in for tea...

And due to the natural disasters, my cat got so disturbed that he made himself sick enough that a vet trip was required...

And I got a rejection from my dream agent...


The Dr. found nothing physically wrong with me, and said I can feel free to blame ALL my problems on my twin sister for getting pregnant. We've fixed things with some birth control.

Although my room was a disaster area, and some of my deceased great aunt's art was ruined, I didn't lose anything I couldn't live without, and I now have a sparkly new arrangement of furniture that includes TWO book cases waiting to be filled with books!

The earthquake was totally disturbing - still is, stupid aftershocks - but let's face it, things could have been a LOT worse, and nothing got broken.

My cat is on the mend, since it turned out his illness was just stress, he's actually pretty darn healthy :)

My dream agent - though she passed on the one project - wrote me a personal response and reiterated multiple times that she loved my writing and that one day I was going to write 'the one' and that she didn't want to miss it so please, please I should keep sending her whatever I write.

So, yeah, vacation was... weird... but kind of pretty darn cool.


  1. I like how you took what could have been a total pity party and turned it around into the positive :)

  2. And I know "the one" is right around the corner!

    Christi Corbett

  3. Glad you are okay - what a week for natural disasters! - Bicultural Mama

  4. I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry...

  5. I think it's cool that your dream agent likes your writing. Well done!
    I was disaster week in New York as well. Glad you survived it with your humor intact, and all your parts are still working.

  6. *whew* what a post! :-)

    Hang in there! And definitely keep writing.