Thursday, January 12, 2012

I got a Blog Award! Aaaaand it's about time I posted anyway... *face of shame*

So this super awesome friend of mine who is both a talented writer and an amazing mom (you know who you are Christi:) gave me a blog award! And on top of that I reckon it's about time I put up a post... I mean, you know, maybe... since the holidays are over... and I don't have any excuse... *mulls over possible excuses* *finds them all lacking* and there's a bunch to say.

But first, there are all these 'strings' attached to this blog award thing... and here they are:

I have to tell you seven random things about me…

Then I have to:

Thank the person who nominated you
Share 7 random things about you
Share the love with your favorite bloggers
Put up the Versatile Blogger Award picture on your blog

So first and foremost, THANK YOU CHRISTI!!! Both for the blog award and for reminding me (with that tender sledgehammer) that I haven't put a post up in, well in a long time.

Alright, on to the seven things about me. I'll try and make them interesting and new...

1) I've written 8 books and have another dozen in various states of process. Among them 3 are/have been out queried/requested. Several are still very rough, and a few will never see daylight again. Ever. But I've learned something from each one!

2) I'm an aunt! Aunt Waguli, to be exact.

3) I'm really good at digging graves. Yes, seriously. Totally morbid, I know. And no, I've never dug one for a human. But I've buried many fur people and I can lay turf so as you'd never know what was beneath it.

4) I've never been on a date. Ever.

5) I have arthritis. So far, it hasn't stopped me from being active, but sometimes I have rheumatic episodes that make it hard to do anything, even hold a coffee cup. You can tell if I'm having one by the number of cuss words audible before the lights come on in the morning.

6) My whole back is tattooed. And I drew the design. 9 hours worth of ink.

7) One time I spent 4 hours playing Cambok in 90 degree heat. Think rugby. With a stick. In a corset. Did I mention that Cambok is a medieval game? And, technically it's outlawed. At least according to a 1363 edict. I know, I'm a rebel.

Now I get to pass this blog award on to:

Brenda Drake

Heather Kelly

Lydia Sharp

Matthew MacNish

And that's all, I'm done. Okay, the truth is that I'm so freaking behind on reading all the blogs I follow that these are the only ones I'm up on. And in fact, I'm supposed to be working on a pitch for a contest on one of these fine blogs... which I need to go do now, unless I want to fail epically. Which I don't. But I give you my promise that I will try very hard not to fall behind so far in both my posting and reading after this.

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