Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Craziness That Is Me

It's been more than a month since I posted, which is too long even by the standards of my craziness, so here I am jotting a short post down just for the sake of jotting one down. You know, in case some agent randomly checks me out, there will be proof that I'm at least trying to maintain a blog. I think part of my trouble is the fact that right now, it's hard to see why I need to have one. And maybe I don't need to have one, maybe I just feel like I'm supposed to have one because it's a form of social media. Anyway, here's my rambling attempt to blend in with the rest of the socially conscientious people. As much as someone like me can ever 'blend in' with anyone who falls into the normal range of the normal spectrum.

Let's see, what stories do I have with which to entertain you? Should I recount the accidental 911 butt-dial? That ended up being exceptionally exciting, since the officer who responded went the extra mile and very seriously informed me that I'd have to ride to the county jail with him and explain everything to his Captain. I, of course, totally bought it. Then there's the second 911 butt-dial, which wasn't nearly as exciting because it was a different county, and they didn't have to send an officer out. I fell out of bed once, and partway down the stairs. No, the highlight of things has to be when one of our clients asked me if I'd ever been told that I look like Lucille Ball. That's a new one, but I take it as a huge compliment. And if I can be even a quarter as funny as Lucy, I'm gold. He now calls me Lucy, rather than by my given name, which is fine by me.

There have also been two different water leaks (Do not ever buy a house with copper pipes. Ever.) and a health scare with sweet Mutton Chop (It's a fungus, not cancer, but treatment will be long, which, I don't care as long as she's okay) Here she is, snoozing on my legs. The stitches are from where the doc opened the lump on her nose in order to get material for a biopsy. They'll come out on the 8th when she goes back for blood work.

I got a new iPhone 6, which is pretty much made of awesome, and which would also be totally unaffordable if not for that AT&T Next plan. My insurance also threw me out the window (big surprise) and I then learned that I'd been getting shafted when I tried to see if I qualified for any subsidies, and the moment I had a broker, everyone backpedaled, and amazingly, I now have a policy that I can actually afford without cutting out things like groceries. Of course, I've got to find $252 to pay Anthem pretty much just so they can cancel me.

I'm still working on my Appalachian YA, plus playing around with a new fantasy YA. I've also begun outlining and strategizing a nonfiction memoir sort of book about the farm where I worked for thirteen years and about what it's like to be an identical twin, and work with your twin. What I think will add a special facet to it, is the fact that while I'm writing it, my identical twin sister - who is a gifted photographer - will provide photographs documenting the historical building of the estate as well as many of the animals. The resulting book, I hope, will be an interesting combination of art photography, involving architecture, history, humor and animals. It's an entirely new venture for me, but I'm excited about it, and I think that there will be a certain amount of ready marketability to it.

Here are a few of my sister's photographs. Everything from posed to offhand. Vicario is in his thirties in this picture. Thirty-three, I think, but I'm not positive.

Now off I go to write a little.