Wednesday, February 4, 2009

And Again....

So another round of query letters out, and another round of rejections back in. Now I'm getting a new round of query letters together. It rather feels like being on a merry-go-round in a windstorm, with every sailing piece of debris representing another rejection. But hey, I like the wind, and one day, when I'm staring at a hard copy of published work, my eyes will trail over the bookshelves to the massive framed collage of all those rejection letters, or so I keep telling myself. One of the bloggers I've been following (and you'll have to forgive the lack of a link here, I haven't gotten that under my belt yet) by the name of Cat Rambo, recently put up a post referring to the amount of persistence required by someone who wants to get published. In her post, she put a link to yet another blogger who'd posted about persistence. Both blogs are very good and did much to diminish my frustrations over the latest rejection letters.
I've submitted a short story to a local contest, and I'm working on more stories to submit either to contests, or magazines. My position in life is similar one of the astronauts in this quirky play we put on in highschool called "Kaliedoscope". During the play, the astronauts are thrown into space in different directions by an explosion, and though they know they aren't alone, none of them are ever able to find each other again. I'm not so hopeless as that, but for the time being, I'm simply floating through space in search of an asteroid called Agent. Persistence and tenacity are two traits I've never been short on, however, so until something changes, it's out with the queries, in with the rejections and begin the dance again. My collage is going to be magnificent. :)

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