Friday, February 6, 2009

Writing is my Tree House

You know when you were a kid and you had 'that place' you went whenever you wanted and as long as you were there, nobody could get to you and nothing else mattered?  It might have been a tree house, or a big rock in the middle of the woods, or even just a fort made of bed sheets and and lawn chairs.  Writing is my tree house now.  It's my safe place, where no one else can go, no matter how they try.  That's what writing is to me, a land in and of itself.  Sometimes it's dangerous, sometimes frustrating and at other times it's a place where anything can happen.  

I have a friend who is always telling me that I love writing because it creates a chemical high, just as potent as taking a drug.  I HATE that he insists this is the true basis for why I'm so obsessed with writing.  And I flat don't agree with it.  I love tattoos as well, but not because I enjoy being poked thousands of times by seven needles at once.  The needles and pain are a part of tattooing, but they aren't why I love tattoos.  I love writing. Period.  I don't need a reason to love it, I don't have to justify the love of it, or try and dissect what causes me to love writing.  I just love it.   

If anyone happens to read this, let me know what writing is to you...


  1. Writing for most people is a personal aspect of themselves. A story that needs to be told only by the person writing it. Being paid for writing is what some writers seek, or recognition of their talent or ability to tell stories.

    Once you start to write there is a sense of freedom that lifts inside, that you have created this wonderful world to play in. When the writer seeks an agent or a publisher they are willing to share their stories with others, hoping to make that connection to inspire, invoke the same feelings of wonder at the world or characters evolved through their activities.

    I would like to know what genre you are writing, which would inspire further discussions.

  2. I write fantasy. I'm working a bit to expand my genres, at least in short stories, but fantasy is what draws me. It's all the 'what ifs?' that are just waiting to be explored...