Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blogger Failure...

I have come to the conclusion that I am - at least by conventional standards - a failure at blogging. I'm not surprised in the slightest by this realization. I have failed my entire life to even PASS THROUGH the ranks of 'conventional standards' as they pertain to anything at all. I tend to be the one officials have to INVENT new standards for. This pleases me greatly for the most part because as far as I'm concerned 'normal' is a setting on the dryer and nothing more. However, there are times when it's a good exercise to at least court the structure of everyone else's 'normal'. Blogging is one of them, since the entire point is to get at least vaguely routine posts out there, or at least routinely scheduled posts. Another incidence when I think it might be a good idea for us far afield unusuals to be familiar with the 'normal' turning of the earth would be the business side of our writing. Specifically, interacting with and meeting possible agents, editors, and other writers.

I say this because I'm preparing to go to a conference called Sirens out in Vail Co. At the moment I'm fluctuating between ridiculous excitement and catatonic terror. Most of the last revolves around traveling, but at least part of it has to do with meeting strange people and trying to make a good impression, an 'I'm serious about my writing and I'm serious about being successful with my writing' impression. At the same time though, it's futile to try and screw myself into carefully coifed and tailored business attire because I'll never make it out of the hotel room without falling down or getting hinge grease all over my hands. And even if I did make it out of the room intact, I'll never dress like that any other time. I can wear pinstripe suit pants and an attractive blouse, but I'm going to have cowhide pumps on or a squash blossom turquoise necklace, or invariably a tattoo will hang out.

And of course, it SEEMED like a good idea at the time to propose a roundtable discussion... And it STILL seems like a good idea... But now I'm hoping that I'm capable of mediating an engaging discussion while appearing professional and yet fun. *sigh* I'm sure all of this dithering will be of much amusement to me once I've broken into the business, secured an agent, an editor, once I have a book on the shelves... After all, you can't please everyone and someone is always going to not like something about you. Being different is what makes people cool. I just happen to be at a point where being too different might not be a good thing, and where I HAVE to worry about who likes at least most of me...

Just to make myself feel better I'm sticking up several of pictures from Dragon Con. It was my first trip down there. It was EPIC. :D


  1. Sure, blogging is a powerful networking tool (yada yada yada) but it's fun. I update my blog once or twice a month, at best. So what. I try to have fun, meet new people and have fun.

    Do whatever you want, just keep your unique voice.

  2. You will do great! You're discussion sounds awesome (from what you wrote on Kristin Cashore's blog). Still wish like Hell I was going. Lucky lucky girl.
    And I am thinking the suit attire wont be necessary. You may have to dress up a little, but it's the writing that matters most. Next to that I am sure it's your attitude and how you interact w/those possible agents, etc. But no suits should be necessary in the making of a good book! Be yourself (perhaps slightly adjusted like you might have to be at any office type job - I know from experience how you have to hide the occassional tattoo or piercing while working a desk) and you will do phenomenally!! Besides, it might just be your snarkiness or your funniness or your attitude about life that makes an agent attracted to you and your work ;)
    Have a blast at Sirens and just THINK of all the possibilities!!!

  3. Thanks Alissa! I AM excited as hell, I just go through moments of 'what the crap was I thinking, trying to pull this off?' Of course, many a misstep was made by standing still... So here I go! :D