Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Eagle Has Landed...

Okay, so crow might fit me better. Or catbird, or maybe albatross, or better yet, penguin. But any which way you slice it, this chicky has landed in Denver. I'm not in Vail yet. I haven't officially signed into the conference. But I have leapt off the proverbial cliff, and managed to at least soar my way into an adventure. Alright, I know, flying across the country isn't a cliff for most people, but the last time I flew, you could still carry pocket knives on the plane - in your pocket! And for someone obsessed with family and her own Clan of them, flying ALONE was a big deal too. But I'm here, it was almost fun, and nobody in a uniform did anything to me but smile. So I figured that I'd write a little post to celebrate the successful start to my current adventure. :)

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