Monday, February 22, 2010

Help Me Enter an Awesome Contest!

So I follow Suzette Saxton and Bethany Wiggins over at Shooting Stars. They're both awesome and a font of information for writers and aspiring writers alike.

They're running this cool contest at the moment and the winners get a first 5 pages critique from both of them! Since I'm in the process of getting an agent any help from folk who have been there is a boon for me. So how can you help me? Well, to enter I have to be a follower of their blog AND I have to get one NEW person to follow their blog! Now, there's no pressure, but they're pretty darn cool in my opinion, and I haven't stopped by Shooting Stars once that I haven't learned something. So if you're game to check out a new blog and help me in the process, just pop on over and leave a comment mentioning that you're a new follower sent by me!

Hope everyone's having a great Monday!


  1. Thanks so much for posting about this! I have to tell you, I love your profile pic dearly and am wondering if it is you in the photo.

    Have a great day!

  2. P.S. I just checked out Graceling from the library and can't wait to read it!

  3. What a lovely, amazing story about you and the horse! Thank you for sharing it with me. I hope you have this photo framed, it is indescribably lovely. (And I'm glad the horse is in a good home!)

  4. I just followed them for you, so I hope you get your wish/win!

  5. Aw crap, we already follow their (amazing) blog, so you'll just have to settle for us sending lots of good vibes your way! Those gals ROCK.