Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Situation Normal: No Idea... As Well as Godzilla Cat...

I have no idea:

If any of my queries have reached their destinations...

If agents are interested or uninterested, or haven't even read my queries yet do to the pressures of, well, being an agent...

If it's going to snow tonight (I hope not)...

Whether or not the YA I have out on query will be 'the one' or if I'm blowing it out my nose - even though I really believe in it...

If the WIP I just started will be as good as I think it can be...

If I'll sleep at all once I'm back home from housesitting. I have a genuine refrigerator box that keeps me from falling through the hole in my own mattress while the mattress where I'm housesitting is AWESOME...

Whether or not my horses are behaving themselves for my ma... she says they are when I call, even if she's standing on the other end of the phone dripping paddock muck and wearing one boot, the other having been sacrificed to the aforementioned paddock muck...

Whether or not my cat loves me and misses me as much as I like to think he does... he cries for me, but he'll sleep on anyone bold enough to brave that hole in my mattress to spend the night with him...

If I'm ever going to be published...

What I DO know is that:

My family and friends love me...

Dirt is waaay fun to play in... mud is even better...

Zombies are kind of sexy...

I'm going to write tonight like my fingers will be gone tomorrow...

And now, just because I find it absolutely, ridiculously impossible not to smile when I look at him, I think I'll introduce you to Godzilla Cat, aka, Griffon. He belongs to my dad. He doesn't have any 'glandular' problems or diabetes. He doesn't eat more than any other cat we own, and he doesn't pig out on 'people' food. He could sit in the palm of your hand when he chose my dad at the SPCA years ago. He grew up like a normal cat, into a normal cat. And then, without warning... GODZILLA CAT! The vets have no help to offer. I put him on a diet once (I am sooooo mean about that) but really he only lost about three pounds, and because he has brothers and sisters, everyone had to change their food and eating habits. Two urinary tract infections later, my diet was in the can, Griffon's three pounds were back, and everyone was healthier. In case you wonder, he was named Griffon after a family ancestor, Griffon Mann, who was a sharpshooter for the Confederacy during the Civil War. Dad was very proud of his 'cat in grey' and because he's a Civil War buff, he decided to pay homage to our history. Somehow I don't think Griff is a very realistic representation of Confederate soldiers... Just for reference, I'm 5'5 and I weigh around 120 lbs.


  1. The zombies thing made me throw up. A little.

    That cat is frickin' huge! My cat is only nine pounds.

    I like that you admit to not knowing a lot of things.

    I thought you were British for some reason.

  2. That is one big cat. Did he eat a small child?

  3. That is a big ass cat, my friend. Good luck on the fresh batch of queries. I think the key to being successful in writing is not to give up. I've heard way to many stories of uber successful authors (Meg Cabot, anyone?) facing YEARS of rejection and then finally hitting the jackpot.

  4. For what it's worth, my "I have no idea ..." list is very similar to yours ... and the most important part of your "What I DO know" list is that your family and friends love you. Number one, even : ) That's wonderful!

    Oh, and that cat is just amazing ;)

  5. My jaw actually dropped when I got down to the picture. How much does Griffon weigh?

    (You could do a whole contest where people guess...I'm throwing my hat into the mix with 22lbs.)

  6. Wow--love that cat. Jon--do you think it's because of the ubber cool hats that A. Grey wears? Your lists are beautiful. I hope that soon, you know more about the agents and that YA. Good luck. I'm rooting for you!

  7. Jon- sorry about the Zombies, but you should meet some of the ones I know... Yeah Griff passed nine pounds years ago. To be fair, my own cat Ari is around 18 pounds, and he's on a diet. He's just huge all over. His head's much larger that Griffs and his feet are as wide as the palm of my hand. As for being British... nope... but I'm Irish/Scottish on one side... which is kind of close to Brittian... :)

    GunDiva- no small children. More like Griff lays there and acts like a pillow for small children

    Lisa and Laura,-thanks for the luck!

    Christi- that would make a great contest! I should work on putting that together... all I'm saying for now is that he weighs a lot!

    Heather- I'm glad you like my hats! For years I couldn't wear any (they gave me headaches). And my hair is actually very curly and full when it's not braided, so funnily, hats don't fit my head when my hair is loose like they do when it's up. That black hat though is my fav! It's called a road rag and it's made by the robocap company for motorcyclists. You can fold it up into a purse, along with a dozen other things! Thank you for the luck!

  8. That is a HUGE cat. Godzilla is the perfect moniker for him.

    The hole in your mattress distresses me. I hope your queries do well, and you go on to big sales that let you buy the mattress of your dreams.

    Best of luck with the queries and try not to go crazy while waiting.

  9. Boy I love cats! This one is so big!

  10. Be encouraged. Just over the weekend I met another Godzilla cat who eats shoelaces and dog toys. Griff is not alone!! Good luck with the queries.

  11. That is one big boy! And I so know the feeling of not knowing!!!