Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Scotch Post! Which includes a link to a man I would marry... which is saying something....

Yikies, I published that before I even wrote anything...

Yeah... you could say that the scotch was to blame but the truth is that I'm that computer illiterate... which is terrifying considering that I'm trying to be a successful writer ( as in 'published, paid to write' writer). Not that unpublished writers aren't successful. There are lots of forms of successful. I just want to be able to cut back on anything non-writing and focus on writing instead of throwing hay bales. Yes, throwing hay bales keeps me young... but it also damages my joints and even Red Sonia would have to face facts at some point (sorry guys, even super-sexy sword queens age a little) and I'm getting to one of those points... Not that I'm old, but lifting heavy things doesn't thrill me as it once did... beating the boys at every game doesn't enthrall me as it once did... now I prefer to recount stories of girls beating boys, rather than living them... At this point I would publish a picture of me looking fearsome and indomitable (fave word) but I only have this one... and I look a bit small next to the hulking fabulousness that is... someone who's hulking and fabulous, at DragonCon last year... BTW that's fenris, me doppleganger on the left... you know, all pre-prego and stuff...

And onto the link that contains a man I would marry... yeah, I bet that got you... He goes by Prince Poppycock and he makes my world go round, so check him out!


  1. First time here...and if you write as good as you look, you'll soon be published for sure! Good luck on getting paid for what you love.

  2. Haha Prince Poppycock! Love it!!!! You are so pretty too, not that I'm suprised!!!

    I love your posts... they're always so lively and happy!!! I leave happy and inspired everytime!