Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Too Many Irons in the Fire...

Life has been crazy recently. Yeah, I know, every time I manage to post something I usually give that line somewhere in the post... but it's true. And life's even crazier at the moment because my sis Fenris is due to blow at any moment. It turns out that I'm not really that good at waiting to be an aunt... I worry (not obsessively, but this is my TWIN sister, and things can happen) and I can't really talk about the worry because, well, people either tell me not to worry, or they don't 'get it'. I can't blame them. Being a twin is a weird thing. It's something I could try and articulate but the post would go on forever and it would sound like some sort of deranged psychopathic rambling. Suffice to say, that I would just like to fast forward to the part where the baby is in her daddy's arms and Fenris is ordering me to go get her a pizza.

On top of waiting for Fen to produce our first great grand baby, I've been housesitting... a lot. And waiting around for agents to reject me. I say it that way because I'm an optimist that plans like a realist. I project a good outcome while at the same time assuming that it will be a bad one. I don't know why but this really works for me, because it keeps my hopes up but gives me a little padding when they're dashed.

And I've been writing. Not as much as I want to (it never seems to be enough) but enough that I'm in the home stretch of one of my WIPs, 'Amarok and the Gone Missing Girl' and I've gotten a fair amount of work done on several others, including my retelling of Beauty and the Beast, 'Thornbriar'. I'm getting antsy though, because since 'Evernow' is out floating around in query space there's only so much rereading and editing I can do on it. So this leaves me with the need to get something on the computer so that I can get working on it. But I'm not finished a hardcopy of any WIP yet. So I have this drive to write and not enough time to do it. But that's life for you. If you weren't struggling to get something done, what would you be doing? If you didn't have a lot of irons in the fire, how would you ever get anything forged?

And randomly I'll leave you with a little photo to prove that the housesitting thing has it's upside and that I do take time to do 'normal' things, like lounge around with beer.


  1. Waiting around for a baby to arrive is SO nerve-wracking! I agreed to be on call for a friend to drop her toddler off when she went into labor and I carried my phone in my hand all day and slept with it all night for a month! Turns out, she had to be induced! Good luck with the becoming an auntie business and you make housesitting look GOOD!

  2. Looks like your having a heck of a time housesitting! I hope you're an auntie soon! Nothing like holding a newborn. ;)