Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pitch Workshop!

Guys, I'm officially 'over' all the dramamrama that's been going on this week... okay, so I'm like 96 and 3/4 % 'over' everything that's gone on. And losing Pierre doesn't fall into that percent. You don't get 'over' things like Pierre, you just get acclimated to not having them underfoot...

But I digress...

The reason for this post is to invite everyone who happens to read this to head over to Adventures in Children's Publishing where the Pitch Workshop is officially open! Now this is one of the contests that I'd mentioned entering in an earlier post. There are fifty-one entries. Each of the entrants must critique five other entries, but we can comment on more if we want. The public at large is also encouraged to leave helpful, professionally worded and non-hating critiques and remarks. I'm having an uber good time just scrolling through and reading everyone else's pitch and I imagine that I'll be on the computer all afternoon commenting on them. Drop in and check them out!

And in honor of being back on the proverbial horse, I'm throwing in an absurd picture of me that my bff Pippi found some time ago.From left to right, Fenris (twin sis) me, Pippi (bff) and a one questionable upstart I'll dub G.I. Jane, who has, in the interim between the taking of this picture and the present, gone to college, had a child and turned into an awesome mom... In case you're wondering, I think I was nineteen or so, and randomly we're in the parking lot of a funeral home... yep, good times...


  1. Yep, I'm hanging at the pitch workshop myself, trying to think of something helpful to say. Since I suck at queries, I'm not sure what help I can be, but I'm gonna try. (I appreciate your comments about Milo by the way.) My problem is that everything sounds pretty darn good to me.

    Oh and by the by. Your family has a host of the coolest most interesting names I've ever heard. Please share more about that!

  2. Thanks for YOUR comments on MY pitch Melissa! I, too, suck at queries... although I'm better at queries than synopsis (how in the *#@$ do you pluralize that word)... and at least I'm learning a lot from this pitch thing.

    Sad to say, my family names are 'code names', something I picked up from Kristen Cashore, over at her blog This is My Secret. I painted under the name Artemis Grey for years, and when I began writing with the goal of publication, I shortened it to A. Grey. Our everyday names are much less cool, if still totally agreeable. :)