Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pity Party at My House...

So this post is pretty much a rant... not one about any specific thing... it's just a rant to let myself blather out some energy which might otherwise go somewhere negative. This vacation has been... weird... abnormally weird... and not so good, although it could be worse... I mean, it can ALWAYS get worse.

But here are the stats thus far:

Had to go in to work on Sunday to help breed the ancient stallion... helping in this process is just as awkward and potentially dangerous as whatever you're probably imagining.

Found out Monday morning that I was a hundred bucks overdrawn... seventy bucks of which was overdraft fees, one of those of which I got because the first fee conveniently cleared before a check, thusly allowing for the second fee. Both banks and bills suck.

Had to go to work Monday afternoon when one of the farm cats finally lost his battle with kidney failure. We knew Pierre was going to leave us, but that didn't make it any easier... then there was the hour and a half I spent with a digging bar on his grave... I now have open blisters on one hand...

Just got a rejection from an agent I love... still weepy over that. It wasn't my writing, but her connection with the MC, but it still hurts... bad.

It's a good thing I'm not Harold* or I'd have thrown myself off a building, or jumped in front of a train by now. Instead, I'm posting this, kissing my cats, and adding in a few lines of unadulterated snark dialogue for the MC of my current WIP, Genesis... just to make myself feel better. Some day when Genesis is published, I'll be able to flip it open, read those lines of dialogue and think 'I remember when I wrote those, how diabolically morose and forlorn I was'. I mean, I'm getting ready to send out queries on AGMG, and I'm getting really into Genesis... I might bend, but I won't break...

I'll leave your with a picture of Pierre. He was one of the most gentle, truly tender souls I've ever known.

* If you've never seen Harold and Maude, I implore you, rent it! It's something that will either touch you, or just make you scratch your head, but you'll be left thinking regardless :)
Now back to writing...


  1. Sorry about such crummy timing with everything. =( Pierre was adorable. Good luck with the writing!

  2. Cheers for bending, not breaking. That's huge.

  3. Oh Pierre, so cute. I'm glad he had someone so caring to ease his suffering at the end.

    I'm glad you have some place to vent. We're all behind you.

  4. Head down, drive on.

    You can do this!

    Christi Corbett

  5. Rough week :( Poor kitty too...

  6. Thanks for all the supportive comments guys! I'm already pretty much back on the horse... hanging a little to one side maybe, but I have my knee hooked around the saddle horn and I'm not going anywhere... unless there's a tree involved... :)