Monday, April 25, 2011

Crazy Update Post...

Okay, so I'm still here, even though I seem to have fallen off the face of the earth... Here's why I haven't been around:

I finished the first draft of Thornbriar!!!

I've gotten about 30k of Thornbriar transcribed/first overhaul edited.... soon I'm going to need beta readers...

I'm scary-close to finishing the first draft of Red Chief... it snuck up on me since I was so into Thornbriar and I keep forgetting where Red Chief is going to end, because the story won't be over and I keep smushing book 1 and book 2 together in my head.

Had Easter with the fam... yay for meeting cousin's boyfriend (finally) SUCH a keeper... even got the official thumbs-up from baby Walelu...

Aaaaand... wait for it... I started a new WIP... yeah, and I'm blaming this one all on Janni Lee Simner... because during some discussion on FB I made the remark that someone ought to write a story involving an unwanted arranged marriage that actually 'worked' and was from the guy's POV... and she went and said that I should be that person... so now I am... and there will be aerships... and monks... and deadnauts... which are steampunk zombies... in my world... did I mention that my man who isn't interested in getting married is the aforementioned monk? Yeah... um... epic, I know... but it will be epically awesome...


  1. You always have the best stuff going on! How do you keep all your storylines/characters straight in your head?

    Christi Corbett

    PS. Fun contest on my blog on Wednesday. I'm putting up two pictures, entrants post their captions, the judges are my 6yo twins :)

  2. I am SO there!!! :)

    Uh, as for the storylines/characters... I'm not sure how I keep them separate. Maybe it's a trade off... I do things like wear mismatched socks of a kind, an put the potato chips in the fridge, but I don't have trouble keeping the writing stuff straight...

  3. Hi Artemis.

    I've followed you around the blogs here and there, and have enjoyed your comments. So I thought I'd stop by . .

    Well, I saw your comment over at League of ExtraOrdinary Writers - on sequels - and left you a message. The I wondered if you would return to read it. So I'll post it again here.


    I'm a fantasy reader mostly - though I do write in women's fiction too. So I'd like to respond as a reader . .

    Sometimes, its not the "characters" I want to follow on into another story. In fantasy and sci-fi, the world is just about as important. One set of characters may have completed all the story the reader can relate to. But, secondary and inconsequential characters may have other adventures that intrigue the reader, and further develop the world.

    Jeff's second point, "Does this world still interest me?" is a valid consideration for your dystopian world. Perhaps a non-essential character in the novel mentions an interesting event that, while not relevant enough in the original novel to explore, peaks the interest of the reader, and you could expand on this character and their role in the original plot.

    So your "different characters" and "different time" could be a prelude, or aftermath to the original events. Very little need tie into the first novel.

    Hmm, maybe that's not so much a sequel as it is a series.

    Still, you put a lot of time, energy and research into your dystopian world, I would hope you can use it to create more stories of interest. Like I said though, I like series books; and they don't all have to have the same MC. The events, timeline, and culture have to remain constant; but its the world that is important.


  4. Congrats for finishing Thronbriar!

    You're one busy lady!

  5. You've been so productive, I'm jealous! I can only handle one project at a time and it goes so slowly...

  6. Excited to find your blog, and in the next comment I completely NOT hijacking it. BTW if you are advertizing for Betas I'd be interested.

    @ Donna Hole I don't agree with you, either the characters make me fall in love or I could give a cosmic cow patty for the world.