Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Got a Blog Award!

Okay, so the terribly awesome Gina Blechman just gave me a few blog awards! Okay... Okay... she gave them to me LAST WEEK.... and I'm just now returning the shout out... I know... I'm a slug... but I was finishing up on transcribing Thornbriar (squee) so now I can get it to the betas! Um, which, I have two lined up, but if anyone is interested in reading a classically styled retelling of Beauty and the Beast... let me know because at this point since I'm not like an established author who has to keep her next bestseller under wraps, I'm still pretty open to getting new opinions from new readers.

But on to the blog awards! I fear that this will be a shabby hoorah, as I have ponies screaming for food and stalls to be mucked, but at least I'l get a post up to represent...

7 Random Facts about me...

1) I'm almost done a second manuscript and while I actually have a series outlined for it, I never thought I'd actually finish it... and now I feel weird about the fact that it actually exists... @Iamsuchagoober

2) I've already started another WIP (I still blame you Janni... but if it gets published, I'm totally giving you cred) and I love it... even though it's confusing me at the moment... I love it double time because one of the characters could be Temperance Brennan's twin sister... If Tempy existed in a steampunk world... this is going to be a nightmare to write because I constantly have to look up wordy ways of saying 'your pants are on fire' and other important information.

3) My favorite game is Balderdash, and all variations of it... which means that I actually love coming up with wordy ways of saying 'your pants are on fire' and other important stuff...

4) I HATE driving...

5) I'm really wishing that I had more time to write right now... or at least an agent, so I could use them as leverage to argue for more time to write...

6) Um... I model for local artists... nude... and I love it...

7) I'm worried that listing the above will somehow come back to haunt me since I write YA, but I'm not ashamed of modeling and I think it says something profound about a person's sense of self when they do something of that nature... like something good, and something I wish more girls could see in themselves every time someone suggests that they hit the diet aisle at the grocery.

Now to pass on the love!

1) Christi Corbett

2)Heather Kelly

3) Donna Hole

4) Laura Diamond


  1. Congrats on nearly finishing a second manuscript, and that's pretty awesome that you model nude. I personally don't have the level of comfort with my own body to do that, but I really respect the fact that you do :)

  2. Wow! Thanks so much for the award! (Which one is it?)

    Christi Corbett

  3. Christi you get all three of them! :D

  4. Had to come over here after reading your Osama/royal wedding comment. You put exactly how I feel into words. I was trying to explain this to my husband last night and he reminded me how people must have rejoiced when Hitler bit the dust. I just have a hard time with the WHOLE thing. Must be the pacifist in me. Leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. The killing, the celebrating, the everything.