Thursday, March 1, 2012

Out of the Tree, Back in the Car Again...

Okay, ten bonus points if you 'get' that title and where it came from!*

So, despite having lagged on posts here (you don't even want to know how far behind I am on LJ) and Dr.'s appointments (my divorce from gluten is still up in the air, I'm praying to my Irish/Italian ancestors to save me) being sick and working on writing stuff offline, I've managed to throw myself back into the querying game.

I sent out five today, two of them with sample pages *eats chocolate and prays for interest* I think it was harder this time than ever before because I dicked around and let myself get out of the flow. I mean there's a certain balance to the sending of queries, receiving of either requests or rejections, then the sending of more queries. Just like the great circle of life, the unbroken chain... wow, got a little high drama there... But you get my meaning. It was very strange jumping back into the pool again. I did an exaggerated 'run and flap my arms after hitting send' dance and I'm still googily over it.

But I'm also excited. Terrified and joyous. I've got other projects to work on in the meantime. EVERNOW has informed me that I was wrong, and her story cannot be wrapped up in a neat and tidy standalone novel and Beauty is quite adamant that THORNBRIAR could use another visit for more polishing. So I'll be far too busy to check my email... *pinches finger to avoid opening new browser tab, just to peek*

I'll leave you with the one memento I got from this year's 'winter which wasn't' in VA. I warn you, there are a few exclamations of curse words. Near death adventure and all that :)

*The title of the post is a reference to Jurassic Park the movie, where Alan is trying to rescue Tim from the car that's been thrown into a tree. Epic love for that scene.


  1. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!! *hugs*

  2. Hee hee, I SOOOOOO got the bonus points!

    Love the video...

    Christi Corbett

  3. I knew I'd heard that line before. Good luck in the query trenches!

  4. Oh, good luck with those queries! Hope you get an agent soon! :)