Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Absurdity is the Fountain of Youth...

This is a random post, written just so I could say that I posted and it has been formatted to be produced in the most absurd (well most absurd I can manage given the time frame that I'm sitting at work drinking cold coffee with ponies screaming their grass-munching heads off because they're still trapped in their stalls) way possible. Actually, cold coffee or not, I think I've had too much caffeine, or that my hair is braided too tightly, or that possibly I strained a muscle in my brain (although it's really my bum that's sore right now) working out yesterday (buns and thighs, thank you Jillian Michaels) because I am totally frizzed out and amped up. A stark change from my forlorn moping yesterday. But what can I say, I'm Italian and we're extremists in emotion. You know, all hair-rending one moment and then hugging and cooking meals for a thousand people the next.

And speaking of cooking, I'm proud to say that I am STILL ALIVE even though I've been gluten free (98% anyway) for a few months now. I still stand in the bakery section in front of the croissants and sob on occasion though.

In other news, the Boy who I once chased around the house in order to change his diaper has made it through Parris island and graduated Private First Class. Ooo-rah! (and yes, that's how you 'officially' spell ooo-rah. The Boy told me so. Apparently, hoorah is Army. They like to copy the Marines. Pesky Army boys. But I shouldn't get that rivalry started... 'specially not considering that I come from a long line of Sailors myself...)

Here is the Boy for your viewing pleasure. I think he's a cherry myself, but then I watched him grow up. Which sort explains my opinion and at the same time, makes the opinion sort of creepy in a slightly Cougar way...

Okay, so I'd better go. One pony is now hanging halfway out of her stall window and my coworkers are all giving me the kind of looks that Napoleon Dynamite suffered in the school hallways. Meaning I'd better either start up a bitch'n dance routine (I do NOT dance as well as ND, just to warn you) or get off my duff and go wrangle a pony.

But I'll leave you with this: Be absurd today. I mean really absurd. Life is too short not to be silly and laugh.