Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Platform vs Writing....

So I haven't been around much recently in regards to blogger or facebook or any other social media thing, because life has just been busy this summer and what little time I've managed to corner for 'other stuff' has been devoted to either editing and query work or writing on first drafts (mostly Schneewittchen, but a little on Everlost and Kiss the Devil as well) and I've been feeling guilty about it. Guilty because I can't help but think that I'm losing some sort of position by neglecting the social media outlets, like if I suddenly get an offer to rep (not likely this instant since I only have partials out to a couple of agents, and although I'm sure they're super busy, it's been long enough that I'm going with a 'not interested' tone for them) I'll suddenly need that platform I haven't been building because I've been writing.

Then, randomly, as I was hurriedly scrolling through blogger while inhaling coffee at the barn this am, I saw this post by the lovely Rachelle Gardner about whether or not unpublished authors (in this instant, I am not counting myself as published, because I haven't be successfully commercially published) need a platform and how much time they should be spending on building one. It put me to ease about my lack of focus on blogging. So if I'm not around, or I just drop in and say silly random things, don't worry, I'm around. I'm just writing. And here's a little aaaawww for the day. My niece Walelu kissing Saida, my big nutter thoroughbred. This was the first time that neither one of them has been terrified of the other.


  1. I know what you mean about focusing on writing! I only blog 2 days a week, and I don't get around to as many blogs as I'd like. But writing has to come first - otherwise, what are we building a platform for?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - can't wait to see your entry in the contest!