Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This Will Be Random...

This will be random because I'm at work and I should be drinking coffee, but I'm writing this... and I'm writing this without having had more than one cup of coffee, so if it makes little or no sense, that's why. And if the font seems strange, well, it LOOKS strange, but I don't have time to bother with it.

Mostly this is just a post to prove that I'm alive, since the last post was a long time ago and very morbid. I. Am. Alice. See, that's a coffee thing. 'Alive.' is what I was going for, but I just ended up being Alice instead. Anyway, Alice or Artemis, either way, I'm also Alive. (Just so you know, I accidentally wrote Alice again, just then, but I corrected it because the amusement has worn off now) And I've been busy. Enough that my posting feel behind again. No surprise.

Here's what I've been up to:

Reading Crit partner's AWESOME stuff.


Working out (Jillian Michaels baby!)

Trying to write on:

EVERLOST the sequel to EVERNOW
THROUGH A FADING VALE my knewish project which is sort of a period piece with fantasy elements
SCHNEEWITTCHEN my dystopian retelling of Snow White

Waiting on pins and needles for *crosses fingers* more requests pertaining to the two items that I have out with agents right now.

And preparing for horse shows at the farm.

So that's why I've neglected the blog. Just because I was triaging life and the blog got shafted. But I intend to do better from now on. Or *try* to do better...

And on another *squee* note, please go check out the amazing and awesome Jessica Bell! She's an inspiration, an accomplished writer and musician, and someone I have a lot to thank for. In 2011 she started an online group to promote frequent poetry writing, and one of the results of that is an upcoming anthology comprised of poems written by those of us in the group. Now Jessica is offering a chance to win copies of the Poetry Pact Volume 1 on her blog. Trust me, I'm super excited to be involved with this, but I can't say enough about the talent of the other writers involved! Seriously, check them all out! They're fabulous, and caring and they deserve your support! And say congrats to Jessica while you're there because she's got lots great booky things going on right now!


  1. Alice,

    I am squeeing right along with you about the partials to the agents!

    Keep me posted!

    Christi Corbett

  2. I love that your Snow White retelling is called SCHNEEWITTCHEN. I <3 German. Good luck with the agents, and congrats on being in the poetry anthology!

  3. Jazz, I took German for one year, failed the class and STILL LOVE THE LANGUAGE!!! Plus, amusingly, I can understand it to some extent, even without being able to sprechen deutsch much :)

    In my retelling Schnee is part of a traveling troupe of performers, one who's root lie with German travelers, and some of whom still speak Schwarze Deutsche.

  4. And Christi, I will totally keep you in the loop, and thank you both for squeeing with me!

  5. ohh . . . a Snow White retelling. I am a sucker for a dark retelling of a classic tale. Good luck with the projects you have out. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

  6. Hi Artemis,
    I only just looked at the QQQE for Matt's review of my query, and I want to thank you for your lovely comments. I just *stink* at querying and I'm so frustrated that it's taken me this long to revise my novel. So your comments really meant so much.
    It gives me a reason to keep plowing along. The good news is that I met an agent at a conference who read the first page in a critique session and wants to read the rest, so I may not need a query after all. :D
    Thanks again,

    PS I'm not sure I can prove I'm not a robot because my day job makes me feel like one!

  7. OMG Christine that's AWESOME!!! *crosses fingers* Oh, I hope they snap you up immediately!!! :D