Friday, July 19, 2013

Things That Make Me Happy...


       Writing is my favorite thing ever. If I could manage to write from the back of a horse, then the world would be, in truth, a perfect place. After waffling between getting started on the sequel to Ravina of the Twains (working title: Lamb Dressed in Armor) and the new fangled idea (Blitzkrieg) I finally got ensconce in the sequel WIP. I don't force myself to do anything, I just let my brainstem settle on whichever story it wants to (something I can afford to do, since I'm not currently agented and working on deadlines) and my brain eventually fixed on. I am loving the story so far and the potential within it. Also, I already have a good idea of how the third book will go, which is nice for a panster like me.


       I am very much a hermit, and I LIKE being a hermit. But I also love my family. All of them. Even the crazy folks we all tell stories about. Okay, let's face it. My entire family is nutty, in a mostly good way, and all of us tell stories about everyone else. That's what clan-life is like. And we don't get together to make those silly stories-that-will-be-recounted-for-years-to-come near as much as I'd like for us to. But recently, I got to see almost everyone, and had a blast.


      I know. I, myself, am the least likely to end up with a significant other because, well, I'm a hermit. And I like it that way. BUT. I love seeing my friends and family with their loved ones. And recently, I got to celebrate and awesome event. The wedding of my cousin Meghan to her fabulous fiancé Jonathan. It was the party against which all parties (for the next few years, anyway) will be judged. I. Had. SO. Much. Fun. No joke or exaggeration.

So, that's how I've been recently. Now, I'm off to write, but I'll leave you with some random pictures from the wedding. In no particular order, and in a format to be decided by the computer because I'm too tired to argue with technology. Oh, and one photo of something I'm seriously considering getting as a tattoo. On my forearm...

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